California University of Science and Medicine Celebrates Milestone White Coat Ceremonies for Classes of 2024 and 2025

  • 260 future physicians at California University of Science and Medicine received their medical white coats, symbolizing their entrance into the medical profession
  • Established in 2018, the not-for-profit medical school was founded as a public- private partnership by Dr. Prem Reddy and the Prime Healthcare Foundation
  • With more than three million people living in a Health Professional Shortage Area in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire of Southern California, CUSM addresses a need,for life-saving healthcare providers

Ontario, Calif. – (March 5, 2022) –California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) recently celebrated a milestone by presenting medical coats to the 260 students of the Classes of 2024 and 2025 as they took their Hippocratic oaths. The coats were presented during CUSM’s White Coat Ceremonies, the first event held at the new state-of-the-art medical campus in Colton, California.

WATCH: White Coat Ceremony Class of 2024

“We are pleased to welcome our future physicians to the profession of medicine as symbolized by receipt of their first white coat, representing membership in the medical profession and acceptance of the responsibilities that go with that membership,” said Paul Lyons, MD, CUSM Dean and President. “It is particularly important to recognize their dedication to their profession as the world continues to face unprecedented medical challenges.”

CUSM was founded in 2015 by Dr. Prem Reddy through a substantial contribution from the Prime Healthcare Foundation and through a unique public-private partnership with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the County of San Bernardino.

CUSM admitted its first medical class in 2018 and now has four medical doctor program classes enrolled with 422 students, with 91% of students coming from California. The first MD class will graduate in May. To date, $2,646,585 in scholarship funding has been provided by CUSM, as 36% of students come from low socio-economic backgrounds. Accepted CUSM students are highly qualified, having scored in the top 10-25% on the Medical College Admission Test (MCATs).

The white coat ceremony is considered an annual rite of passage into the medical profession and was conducted in the presence of family, friends, local dignitaries, and the professors who will be committed to the students during their medical training years. Dr. Lyons, Dr. Reddy, CUSM’s Chair of the Board, and Dr. Kavitha Bhatia, CUSM’s Vice-Chair of the Board, presented each candidate with their white coat.

“Medicine gives you the chance to impact people in any community across the world. The world will always need compassion, hope, humanity and goodness,” said Dr. Reddy during his address to students. “Medicine has the ability to change lives and therefore change the world. We are honored to support your dreams, your future in medicine and most importantly, your commitment to giving.”

WATCH: White Coat Ceremony Class of 2025

“For the Classes of 2024 and 2025, this event symbolizes your entry into medicine and the great privilege you will have to improve the lives of others in the most profound ways,” said Dr. Bhatia during the milestone ceremony. “Medicine is an honor and a gift. This is a moment to reflect on the

dreams that have led you here, the challenges you have overcome, the hopes you carry with you and the people who have loved and supported you and are filled with pride and joy.”

California is experiencing a significant physician shortage, with more than three million people living in a Health Professional Shortage Area in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire of Southern California alone.

“CUSM is focused on producing a physician workforce that identifies and responds to the needs of our region,” said Pete Eveland, EdD, Executive Vice Dean for University Relations and Admissions. “CUSM has positioned itself to provide educational opportunity, economic benefit, enhanced access and improved health outcomes for the Inland Empire, Southern California and beyond.”

After decades of providing support to educational and healthcare initiatives locally, nationally and globally, Dr. Reddy founded CUSM to inspire, motivate and empower students to become excellent and caring physicians and leaders. Dr. Reddy, founder of Prime Healthcare, one of the nation’s premier health systems with 45 hospitals in 14 states, said the establishment of a medical school could provide a positive impact on healthcare by addressing growing health disparities, disease burden, and the regional physician shortage. CUSM currently offers a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences degree program in addition to its Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

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