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Providence and Saint John Saved in Kansas


“… the transition from supervision and ownership of the Sister of Charity Leavenworth to Prime Healthcare has been smooth, keeping the Catholic character of the hospital with regard to its ethical practices, the spirit of the Gospel, and following the Ethical and Religious Directives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops… Prime Healthcare keeps its promises.” — Father Roger W. Schmit, Chaplain, Providence Medical Center and Saint John Hospital.Providence Medical Center1

Providence Medical Center and Saint John Hospital have had a face lift and financial make-over. In just six months with Prime Healthcare, Saint John went from reporting significant losses to breaking even. It follows its sister hospital, Providence, which became a part of PHS six months prior to the acquisition of Saint John.

“Everyone is looking for the magic in how we have accomplished so much in such a short period of time,” said Randy Nyp, CEO of Providence and Saint John. “But the magic is in the basics—working hard to take care of our patients, reducing expenses and improving our revenues.

I am proud that my staff has pulled together to make this possible. I’m sure we will face more challenges as we move forward, like all health care providers, but we have a positive vision of the future and we are very grateful that Prime saw the potential of Providence and Saint John so that we can continue to serve the health care needs of the Wyandotte and Leavenworth communities.”

Luis Leon, President of Operations at Prime Healthcare Services Division II, attended a ceremony to celebrate the purchase of Providence and Saint John in Kansas City. The nuns affiliated with the hospital were nervous about the sale of their hospital, as it had been their passion and life’s work, their home and their livelihood. They were wary about the facility losing it’s religious ties and history and unsure about what it meant to become part of a larger health system.

During the ceremony, one of the nuns approached Luis and handed him a bright candle, signifying the passing of the hospital into the hands of Prime Healthcare. He took the candle with care, understanding the importance of this moment and appreciating the thoughtfulness and dedication of this group of nuns.

When it came time for Luis to speak at the event, a member of the hospital staff offered to hold the candle while Luis was at the podium. Luis gently raised his hand, communicating to all that he, Dr. Reddy, and all of Prime Healthcare would “seal the intention” of all that the candle represented by caring for it and the hospitals, providing the best for the staff, and the communities they serve.