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I Will Only Choose Monroe

Mar 10, 2021

A few days ago Chris went to a nearby hospital. She was told she needed an ultrasound, however, she would have to drive to another hospital to get it. She went for her ultrasound and was told she needed to see a surgeon. They instructed her to go back to the ED where she drove from. When she arrived, no one seemed to know why she was there; she was treated like a number, without compassion.

The surgeon told her to make an appointment at his office; the earliest she could get in was two weeks out. They sent her home with a prescription for pain medication.

She decided to go to Monroe Hospital. “I wish I had come to Monroe first,” she said. The team at Monroe was able to get her ultrasound and she was admitted for surgery.

Chris said, “The nurses have all been A+…I can’t think of another thing that would make my stay better. The doctors and nurses have been very informative and answered my questions. I will only choose to come to Monroe Hospital.”