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“I’m Thankful I Have My Wife This Christmas”

Dec 11, 2020

This past October a patient came to the Radiology Department for a shoulder x-ray. Jameel in Radiology noticed when checking the patient in that she recently had a mammogram the month before. The notes said she was requested to come back for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound as there was an abnormality found on her first mammogram.

Jameel offered to see if the mammogram and ultrasound techs could fit the patient in while she was here for the x-ray, which they did. The patient was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer and thanks to Jameel and the Suburban Community Hospital team, the patient was immediately diagnosed, biopsied, and started on treatment.

The husband of this patient called shortly after the patient’s diagnosis to thank Jameel personally but Jameel had already left for the day. The husband then stopped by the hospital to finally meet Jameel and thank him personally for taking such great care of his wife. He said, “Because of Jameel’s attention to detail, we were able to find the cancer and get my wife into treatment. I’m thankful that I have my wife this Christmas.”

For going above and beyond and his dedication to patients, Jameel was named a WOW Award Winner, awarded to those who go beyond expected performance levels and demonstrate a customer first attitude.