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Right Place at the Right Time

Apr 7, 2021

When Dan showed up at Lower Bucks Hospital for his COVID-19 vaccination, his experience went differently than he had imagined.

“Here is my story about a great group of people at Lower Bucks Hospital. My daughter who is a nurse there arranged for me to get my first COVID-19 shot at 10:30 on Tuesday morning. My daughter was waiting for me in the lobby. As I walked into the lobby to meet her, I had a massive heart attack.

My daughter called the ER, and 10 people came running out with a gurney, crash cart, wheelchair and a bed. Next thing I know I’m going into surgery. Hours later, when I was speaking with the doctor, he said I would have died if I would not have been in the hospital at that time. An ambulance would have taken too long.

I can only imagine the toll this took on my daughter, watching her father go through something like that. All things considered it was a remarkable outcome. I am here and ALIVE today only by the grace of God and the remarkable staff at Lower Bucks Hospital. My thanks go out to the ER staff at this remarkable hospital. Thank you all very much, and especially thank you to my daughter for setting up my vaccination appointment that turned into quite a bit more.”