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Saving St. Francis

“Generations have turned to St. Francis Medical Center for trusted care and as a partner in strengthening their community. Prime Healthcare has demostrated a full commitment to preserving and building on this legacy of service.”

– Rick Adcock, CEO Verity Health System, St. Francis Medical Center

“There is no better company with the proven expertise and commitment to quality to take on the crucial task of saving St. Francis. Prime has saved and transformed Centinela, staying true to its commitment to the community.”

– Mayor James Butts, City of Inglewood

At Prime Healthcare, we care deeply about patients and their communities. Since the acquisition and transformation of our first hospital in 2001, we have saved and improved 45 hospitals across the nation while providing compassionate, nationally recognized quality care.

Prime Healthcare will honor and protect the enduring spirit of St. Francis Medical Center so it can continue as a beacon of hope.

Prime Healthcare’s commitment to the Future of St. Francis

Investment of $47 million in technology and equipment upgrades has already begun that will immediately improve patient care and quality.

Maintain every one of St. Francis’ services, including trauma, emergency, cancer care, women’s health, stroke care, labor and delivery, neonatal care, pediatric services, cardiology, behavioral health and more.

Preserving and expanding all community benefit programs and care for the most vulnerable.

Ensure a bright future while protecting jobs that might otherwise be lost without the acquisition.

Prime Healthcare has never sold or closed a hospital and has saved 45 hospitals across the nation.