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Saving hospitals. Saving jobs. Saving lives.

Our mission and our values guide how we conduct our business, what we believe in, and where we are headed.

Executive Leadership


Prem Reddy, MD

Chairman, President & CEO


Kavitha Bhatia, MD

President and Chair, Prime Healthcare Foundation & Chief Medical Officer of Strategy, Prime Healthcare
Sunny bhatia pic

Sunny Bhatia, MD

CEO, Region I & Corporate Chief Medical Officer


Sunitha Reddy

Chief Revenue Officer
Vice President of Operations


Steve Aleman

Chief Financial Officer

Erica Reilley_Headshot

Erica Reilley, Esq.

Vice President,
Deputy General Counsel
& Chief Litigation Counsel


Sonia Mehta, MD

CEO Region II, Corporate Chief Medical Officer & Chief Academic Officer


Paryus Patel, MD

Corporate Chief
Medical Officer Region III-VI


Harsha Upadhyay

CEO, Region III


Saju George

CEO, Region V


Luis Leon

Interim CEO Region IV & CEO Region VI

Corporate Vice Presidents

  • Ravi Reddy
    Executive Vice President
    Shared Services
  • Carlton Burgess
    Vice President
    Laboratory Services
  • Raghu Chennareddy
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeffrey Collette
    Vice President
    Accounting Operations & Controller
  • Arti Dhuper
    Vice President
    Human Resources
  • Matthew Ennen
    Vice President
    Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Ahmad Imran
    Vice President
    Quality & Value-Based Care
  • Charles Kim
    Vice President
    Real Estate & Asset Management
  • Ajith Kumar
    Vice President
    Digital Transformation
  • Jay Lipps
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Michael Marron
    Vice President
    Decision Support
  • Elizabeth Nikels
    Vice President
    Communications & Public Relations
  • Pinaki Ghosh Ray
    Vice President
    Outsourcing & Strategy
  • Ken Park
    Vice President
    Rural Health
  • Seetha Reddy
    Vice President
    Ancillary Operations
  • Clay Wombacher
    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Amy Searls
    Chief Experience Officer
  • Rakesh Seth
    Vice President
    Facilities & Construction
  • Markus Quenan
    Vice President, Medical Groups
  • David Silverman
    Vice President
  • Shannon Bol
    Vice President,
    Managed Care, Region II
  • Billie Pierce, Esq.
    Vice President,
    Deputy General Counsel
    & Chief Employment Counsel

Regional Leadership

  • Jonathan Aquino
    Regional Chief Operating Officer
  • Emmanuel Damalie
    Regional Vice President,
    Clinical Integration
  • Edward Gong
    Regional Vice President,
    Managed Care
  • David Cooke, RN
    Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region I
  • Syed Kazmi
    Regional Chief Medical Officer,
    Northeast Region
  • Jacqueline Pester-Babcock, RN
    Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region II
  • Cheryl Tong
    Regional Chief Financial Officer
  • Hollie Vaughan, RN
    Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region VI
  • Ken Wheeler
    Regional Vice President,
    Patient Financial Services
  • Selvan Murugan, RN
    Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region V
  • Wesley Robinson, RN
    Regional Chief Nursing Officer, Region III